Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Rents in Seoul

Last week, my parents came to visit us for six days.  We had been looking forward to their arrival for so long!  Finally they were here!  We had a great time showing them our city and our day-to-day lives.  We walked a ton, ate a ton, rested, played games, and had an all around great time.  We spent most of our time taking them around our neighborhood and surrounding areas, but also took some time to go to a folk village.  We're HOPING they will return soon so we can see everything we missed.  We're also hoping my man's parents will make it out here soon!

Some of the things we did included:
  • Eating Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern and homemade foods as well as New York brick oven pizza. 
  • Visiting the Yangaje Flower Market (see previous post)
  • Giving a tour of our school as well as walking up and down Itaewon (our hood) -- a foreigner heavy area. 
  • Walking from our house straight uphill to Namsan Tower (and then all the way back down). 
  • Trying to find food in Myeongdong and watching Man of Steel (can we all please have those two and a half hours back?) 
  • Going to our church, New Harvest Ministry.  
  • Meeting up with one of my mom's old students and getting great pizza! (Can't wait to go back to Brick Oven in Gangnam) 
  • Walking, browsing, snacking and shopping in Insadong. 
  • Walking around the Korean Folk Village in Suwon. 
All in all we had a great time and could have spent more time, but I know they were ready to get home after spending time in Hawaii!  We welcome any and all visitors and loved showing them around!

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