Tuesday, January 22, 2013

30 Before 30

It's been so long since I've updated!  I have many stories to tell and all kinds of blog ideas, but it's just been busy with Christmas and then coming back here.  Things have ramped up really quickly with some extra responsibilities.  I'm excited to be leaving January behind to get some personal projects done in February.

I turned 29 on December 16.  I have no idea how that happened so quickly...but ok...and I have been working on a list of 30 goals I would like to accomplish before I turn 30.  That means I have less than 11 months to do these and now I'm freaking out a little!  I've though long and hard about what I want these to be and already I'm wondering if I'll be able to accomplish some...but we'll see how it goes!

I'm hoping to blog about my progress with my goals, so keep your eyes peeled!

Note the first goal (however, they are in no particular order)...BLOG! HAHAHA.  I've already failed miserably at that one, but here's to hoping for a better tomorrow.

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